About me

Hello and welcome to my blog on Data Engineering.

I started out working as an ETL developer using SAP Data Services and primarily in consulting (about 7 years) and worked in a number of industries. During that time I picked up experience on what worked and what didn't work while developing ETL pipelines and the importance of making sure that your data is clean. As the saying goes "garbage in/garbage out".

The reason I decided to create this blog is to document and share some of the things that I have worked on. The examples that I use will range from basic to more advanced topics, and its primary focus will be on how to do Data Engineering using cloud technology. I do most of my work in the Azure space so most of it will be about that, but I will make sure that I try to cover the other big players as well. In addition, since I started out in the SAP space I will also try to find time to do some posts related to that topic as well.

I hope that this blog will be for both beginners and advanced users alike. One of the things that I found frustrating while searching for tutorials is that a lot of them did not break it down enough for me or lacked screenshots. Since I did not come into Data Engineering through the programming route I also lacked some of the fundamentals that someone from a CS background has. That is why I am hoping that my reliance on breaking down complex topics into small blogs and attaching a large number of pictures will help someone start on their Data Engineering journey.

I hope you enjoy this blog and find it useful to start your own use cases. Please comment if you find something incorrect or want to add your own ideas or improvements.